No job is too small or large.  Debby’s experience ranges from small planting schemes to large woods and ponds. 

Debby offers advice on how to improve your garden, full design, implementation, and planting services.


Her bespoke designs are characterized by strong simple lines that reflect the garden’s location.  She likes to use natural materials, where possible, for hard landscaping, overlaid with plants chosen for their ability to thrive in the situation, their contribution to ecology, ability to reflect the style of the design, as well as their colour and texture.

Initial Consultation

If you don’t wish to have your garden completely re-designed, Debby can come and give you ideas on how the garden can be improved. This could be advice on planting or improvements on the hard landscaping.


Should you decide to re-do the garden, this meeting would be followed up with an estimate for producing a new design.

Scaled Plan

Work begins with measuring the site. Then, to ensure the design sits happily in its

location, an in-depth site survey of the existing garden (soil, aspect, prevailing wind etc), the style of the house and general location is undertaken.


Debby and the client will then spend time discussing how the client sees the garden being used.  From this discussion Debby puts together a brief detailing their conversation.

Draft Design

Using the brief, Debby will produce a hand drawn, draft plan, which incorporates the client’s wishes whilst also taking into account the environmental considerations of the site. Further discussions are held to get the client’s feedback and, if needed, the plans can be amended. 

Final Design

Once the client is happy with the draft design, Debby produces a scaled, hand drawn final plan rendered in water colours.

Visual Aids

To help the client visualise how the garden will look, Debby can also produce

perspective drawings, elevations, mood boards and axonometric drawings, (i.e. a bird’s eye view of the garden). All these drawings are scaled and hand drawn. 

Implementing the Design

If the client does not want to implement the design, Debby has contractors who will undertake this work.  She can also oversee the project to ensure the design is implemented properly.

Planting Plans

As an optional extra, or instead of a completely new design, Debby can choose the best plants for the site and style of the garden. Scaled planting plans and elevation drawings show where, and how many of each species will be positioned in the bed and their size after 5 years. 


She can then order the plants, at a discount; ensure they are delivered on site and then planted so all the plants have the best possible start to life.

Plant Maintenance Schedule

A plant maintenance schedule can also be produced to provide the client with all the

information they need to ensure the plants survive.

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